An Information Note!

Hi All:
Two things you should know. I’m writing this here because I can’t access moodle or my college e-mail. Since I haven’t been able to access moodle all weekend, I’ve been unable to post the paper examples–I will try to do so as soon as the website is working again. I apologize, but I can’t find a way to do it at this point.

Second, I meant to talk with you on friday about how you will submit your anthology papers. I will want your papers to be submitted on moodle. Since I can’t post the information on moodle at this point, I will just say that you don’t need to print out a hardcopy and I will explain to you in class on monday how I would like you to submit the papers.

I’ll be back in touch as soon as the e-mail is working again.

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2 Responses to An Information Note!

  1. shire says:

    i also sent you an email about internet issues. Since your email isnt working and you obviously havent gotten my email (our email is.down as well) Our internet has been on and off all weekend as well as our ability to print. Also all of our electronic resources are offline and have been since early sat morning. Being able to find critical essays is a huge part of my anthology. I tried all day yesterday to find academic articles through google. Everything is still down and i really reallly starting to stress. If you have any advice please email me sfeingold12 or call my cell phone. Thanks!

  2. youngdrake says:

    Hi Glenn,
    I am experiencing similar problems. The internet and all that that entails has been down since around 3am on saturday. This has forced me to look for more physical sources as I cannot access anything I had found online and due to the choir concert on saturday I was unable to go to Cole before it closed. This problem has caused me to lose most of the weekend to work on the project and like Shire it is rather frustrating for me. (I am posting this with my phone) I just wanted to corroborate Shire’s post and say that this is not an isolated incident.

    Jordin Rausch

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